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Top reasons a home purchase offer is rejected

by Adam Gleve 05/08/2024

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As a home seller, you’ll find yourself faced with many decisions to make during the home selling process. When you start receiving offers on your property, you may feel pressured into accepting, however, the power lies with you as a seller on when to accept or deny an offer letter. 

An offer to purchase fails to meet a seller's expectations

If a home seller receives a "lowball" offer to purchase, they may submit an instant rejection. Lowball offer letter may indicate a buyer who wants to text the flexibility of a home seller on the price of their home. It may also indicate a homebuyer who doesn’t have the means to properly approach the purchase of the property. 

Establishing realistic property selling expectations is a must for home sellers. Setting a competitive initial asking price for your home, you can reduce the likelihood of getting lowball offers on your home. This puts you ahead of competition and may reduce possible stressors often associated with home selling. 

A home seller has multiple offers to purchase at his or her disposal

When a home seller receives multiple offers for their residence, there is no need to rush the decision to accept or deny proposals. Instead, a seller should evaluate each offer closely and use info at their disposal to determine the best course of action.

A home seller can afford to wait

When listing in a buyer’s market, many properties are available in comparison to buyers, so competition is fiercer. Conversely, if a seller lists a home in a seller's market, more buyers are on the market than listings, so purchase proposals may be more plentiful. 

Sometimes, a home seller who can afford to be patient may decide to reject a purchase offer even in a buyer's market. If they wait for the real estate market conditions to change, they may be able to maximize the profit from their home sell at a later time. 

As a home seller, the power is yours when deciding when to accept an offer. Working with a real estate agent can give you great insight into the matter to make an informed decision.

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